Gustave Roussy Announces Oncology Joint Strategic Research Alliance With AstraZeneca

Villejuif, France, 5 June 2014 – Gustave Roussy Comprehensive Cancer Center and AstraZeneca have entered into a joint strategic alliance focussed on early oncology drug development. Gustave Roussy and AstraZeneca will develop a joint Strategic Collaboration Plan that will be overseen by a Joint Steering Committee.

As part of this strategic alliance, AstraZeneca will make its entire portfolio of innovative oncology molecules for pre-clinical, translational and early clinical studies available to Gustave Roussy, with the goal of targeting molecular aberrations that drive individual cancers via the modulation of critical cellular signalling pathways and deepening our understanding of how the patient’s immune system interacts with cancer

The Alliance will involve several parallel and inter-connected projects that will span preclinical, translational and clinical phases of drug development.

“Over the last 5 years, AstraZeneca has entrusted Gustave Roussy with a growing number of phase I trials. Through this alliance we hope to strengthen such an interaction and accelerate access to innovative therapies for all our patients“ – say Pr Alexander Eggermont (General Director of Gustave Roussy, Comprehensive Cancer Center) and Pr Jean-Charles Soria (Chairman Drug Development Department, DITEP, at Gustave Roussy).

Susan Galbraith, Head of the Oncology Innovative Medicines Unit at AstraZeneca, commented: “I am delighted to formalise and expand our longstanding relationship with Gustave Roussy.  AstraZeneca has over 40 years’ experience in developing cancer drugs, pushing the boundaries of science to improve survival rates for patients around the world.  Gustave Roussy’s integrated, innovative approach to cancer research is renowned.  I hope very much that we will continue to build on this alliance to accelerate drug discovery and   ultimately get drugs to the patients who need them.”

Antoine Yver, Head of Oncology, AstraZeneca’s global medicines development unit added, “We have a number of pre-clinical and clinical projects already underway with Gustave Roussy. The signing of this alliance allows us to continue our endeavours led by three new steering groups which will determine strategy and drive individual projects within the pre-clinical and clinical arena.”

Françoise Bartoli, AstraZeneca France Company President said:  “With this Alliance, AstraZeneca reinforces its partnership in France with oncology academia and public research and its collaboration with Gustave Roussy’s highly experienced and talented teams.” 


Source: IGR